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Job Opportunities

Denture Department

No Positions Available

Casting Department

We are seeking a full-time, permanent Dental Technician/Dental Technician Assistant in our Chrome Castings Department.


Duties would include:

  • Design

  • Refractory model making

  • Waxing-up

  • Investing

  • Casting

  • Divesting

  • Polishing

  • Repair of Chrome/Titanium cast frameworks utilizing a laser welder


The successful candidate will have a minimum of one year of experience in a dental lab and the ability to work under tight deadlines with great attention to detail and accuracy.

Salary would be dependent upon experience and skill level.

Please send your resume to



Ceramic Department

No Positions Available

CADCAM Department

No Positions Available

C & B Department

No Positions Available

Plaster/Model Department

No Positions Available

Customer Service Department

No Positions Available

Delivery Driver

No Positions Available

Administrative Office

No Positions Available

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